1. What’s the movie about?

“Three Pregnant Men” is a mockumentary-style comedy about gender, growth, privilege, and empathy. A documentary crew follows the world’s three first pregnant men throughout the final term of their pregnancies as they try to keep their identities secret from the public, and struggle against the corporation that impregnated them.

2. Will I like it?

There are jokes! There are serious moments! Fantastic acting and cinematography! And more! Honestly, the best way to find out would be to watch one of these:

a) Teaser Trailer: link

b) Extended Preview (first 5 minutes of the film): link

3. You made this because why?

Portrayals of male maturity and empathy in our modern culture are… weird at best, and not great on average. “Three Pregnant Men” wants to use storytelling and comedy to engage with themes like privilege and gender.

4. Feminism?

100% for it! The larger thematic focus of this particular film revolves around masculinity, but within that space it works to be very pro-women!

5. Are the pregnant characters transgender?

The characters in the film were born biologically male and impregnated using scientific means. The film isn’t attempting to directly address transgender people or their specific experiences, though there is certainly room for some indirect overlap/comparison.

6. Does this have anything to do with the kink?

Nope, but no judgement if that’s your thing!

7. Where/When can I buy it? Where can I watch it?

The film will be available on digital Friday, April 10th! Check out the Watch page for more info!

8. How much does it cost?

We're using a pay-what-you-want model with a $5.00 minimum because it's important to us that the film be easily accessible. Proceeds are going to charity during the COVID pandemic, so we encourage you to donate whatever you can!

9. I want to watch the movie but I can’t afford it right now - can I see it for free?

Actually, yes! Check out the Watch page for more info!

10. Where exactly is the money going?

Half of our income will be going to cover basic operating costs and a rotating group of charities, to be picked weekly by a member of our cast and crew (updated weekly on our purchase page). We're happy to be supporting the Service Women's Action Network (SWAN) with the remaining 50% of our income.

11. Why is a movie about male pregnancy is raising money for female veterans and service women?

Watch the film, there's a pretty explicit link! And we're doing our best to put our money where our mouth is.

12. Tell us a little more about the Service Women Action Network and how COVID-19 is affecting veterans?











Service Women's Action Network (SWAN) is a member-driven organization dedicated to supporting, connecting and advocating for the individual and collective needs of service women and women veterans. SWAN conducts original research on issues affecting service women, advocates on behalf of service women and women veterans, and connects women to direct services.  SWAN amplifies the voice of all service women; past, present, and future.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, women veterans and service women are facing new challenges and hurdles that are impacting their daily lives. Stable housing, food security and access to mental healthcare are all challenges for many military women. Unfortunately,  COVID-19 has amplified these issues and increased the need for SWAN to take action. Veterans who depend on in-person social networks and support groups to cope with service-related trauma may not be able to find the help they need during this period of social distancing. SWAN is continuously monitoring new services to help service women and women veterans and informing them of resources within their communities.  We are continuously highlighting pop-up food banks, shelters that continue to serve their community with new safety measures in place, emergency financial assistance and virtual mental health resources. SWAN will continue to work with the national veteran and service member communities during this time of uncertainty to support America's service women and women veterans.

If you'd like to learn more, check out their website: servicewomen.org

13. Can I get a tax free donation receipt for my purchase?

Unfortunately not. We were always planning on a portion of our proceeds going to SWAN, but weren't expecting the wide-ranging affects of COVID-19 and the immediate needs it created. Releasing in this manner has been a fairly last minute reaction/choice, so we're not a registered non-profit.

14. This thing got subtitles?


15. Sounds weird but I’m into it.

Welcome aboard.

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